# GovHack 2022 - Scout Hack - Insufficient Data ## Skills Development - Life after School {%youtube nO9So5V9iXE %} Hello, we're team Scout Hack We've looked into the Skills Development - Life after School challenge, exploring how we might connect schools and students with their local community for learning life skills an for post school opportunities. In absence of a solution to insufficient data and poor definitions of Life Skills, we've brought some discussion points to view to explore the 1. What experiences do you bring to solving this challenge? (mattcen) * We're all scout leaders * 20+ years experience * Youth 5-26 * Teach life skills * We're experts in the problem space 2. What are Life Skills? (Andy) * Not clearly or formally defined * Sometimes intermingled with "professional" skills * Life skills ≠ skills to live * Examples * Cooking * Nutrition * Budgeting * Car maintenance * Can't solve this problem without this clarity * The life skills that *are* being taught are not standardised, difficult to 'data' 3. The question proposes development of relationships between schools and community groups to support growth of young people into fully functional adults as a solution. Is this really an appropriate approach? (Gemma) * Communities have diverse knowledgeable people who could teach life skills * We need to know what those life skills *are* before we can make those connections * No "magical app" or one-size fits all approach 4. What difficulties did you experience while finding relevant datasets? * Very little data on what we're discussing * On Track report on school leavers has inapplicable(?) data * Refers to tertiary or employment status, not life skills * Has gaps like "under-employed" people * After-the-fact report without capturing sufficient detail to ascertain success of school-leaver pathway 5. You couldn't build something? Really? (mattcen) * No clear definition of what the problem *is* yet or who it's affecting * Already apps and services available to connect people to services: * City Council websites * Community groups * Resources exist; need to work out who to connect to whom 6. How would we propose finding a solution to this problem? (Where's the data that could provide the answers?) (Gemma) * Access to more data could enable drawing longer-term picture * With data following student from year 9 to after leaving school, we could detect trends to find at-risk people * identify the gap where the system *isn't* working. * Some info is not captured at all, e.g. competencies with life skills * Schools use *some* proprietary products to track all sorts of student data more granularly than that available with Department systems or available open data * Access to this proprietary data could allow interesting and useful analysis, to identify people falling through the gaps 7. What other data would be required to answer the prompt? (Andy) * Schools record data such as attendance * Collected over several years, could be used to draw trends in behaviours, grades, outcomes * Tie in with post-school journey * May be correlations between, e.g. VET, VCAL, TAFE, VCE+uni, students and their life skill competency * This could highlight gaps in existing curriculum